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I resolve to only wear shoes I love!
Waterproof and sexy? You bet at Shoefly Alaska
Striped infinity scarves at Shoefly Alaska1
Little black boots are at Shoefly Alaska
HUE and waterproof boots are perfect at Shoefly Alaska
Buttons make any boot better at Shoefly Alaska
Best Work Boot Ever at Shoefly Alaska!
Tights & boot toppers at shoefly Alaska
Hand knit scarves at Shoefly Alaska
From Skinny to Buxom... We've got your calves covered!
Red Laceup fits skinny to buxom calves at Shoefly Alaska!
Back lace detail allows boot to fit skinny to buxom calves at Shoefly Alaska!
A boot specifically cut for BUXOM calves at Shoefly Alaska!
A grey boot stretches to fit easy to athletic calves at Shoefly Alaska
A zippered gusset panel expands for bigger calves!
A zippered expansion panel make this rugged boot an option for "easy" to "athletic" sized calves at Shoefly Alaska
Winter Storm Watch Boot Collection at Shoefly Alaska
Gorgeous, rugged heel from Spain at Shoefly Alaska!
Waterproof winter boots at Shoefly Alaska!
Insulated winter boots in at Shoefly Alaska
Style meets function for winter at Shoefly Alaska
Color dreary winter days with these lovely insulated boots from Spain at Shoefly Alaska
Lace up in these stylish, yet rugged booties at Shoefly Alaska
Unusual booties that marry fresh style with functional features at Shoefly Alaska
This is the pared down way to sport a cowboy boot look, now in at Shoefly Alaska
Yummy insulated boots in a rich, black oiled leather. Perfection in a boot at Shoefly Alaska!
Red boots are a must for long, dark Southeast Alaska winters. Find them at Shoefly Alaska.
BedStu boots at Shoefly Alaska
Yummy boots at Shoefly

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Monday - Friday: 10am - 6:30pm
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Call us at 586-1055 to schedule your next party after hours at Shoefly! Celebrate a birthday, host a bachelorette party or just have a girl's night out at Shoefly. You bring your own food and libations and we supply the space, Shoenistas and shoes! Parties are free and more fun than you can shake a stick at!

Shoe shop quotes of the day.

“When I come to Juneau, I save a shoe place in my suitcase just for Shoefly!" –Jody, Weber Dance Company

"These shoes are making love to my feet right now!" –Tanya

"The only shoe I regret is the one I didn't buy!" –Gloria Joy

"I wish I had more feet!" –Sabrina

"If the shoes make me want to dance... I buy 'em!" –Diane

“If buying these was wrong, I don't want to be right." – Sierra

"When my husband asked me what I would like for my birthday, I said SHOEFLY!" –And sure enough her husband wins the man of the month award at Shoefly because he brought her into the shop and treated her to 2 pairs of boots: one fabulous and one fabulously practical!

"I need these red boots more than the air I breathe." –Debbie

“I love to come in here. I feel like I'm home." –Joan

“You only have two feet, how many shoes do you need?" –Husband “ She only has two feet, BUT there are 365 days in a year." –Friend

“ I think she was a centipede in her last life!" –Husband

“Practical is overrated, buy the shoes you love!" –Candace

“Those boots even make your butt look great!" –one friend to another

“ I had the greatest 40th birthday girly party at Shoefly.” – Joy

“ The best little shoe shop in the North!" –Margaret


Learn more about Juneau

>> Visit our local Juneau Convention & Visitor Bureau web site.
>> Read a travel article published in the New York Times on August 30, 2009, titled "36 Hours in Juneau, Alaska."

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