Shoefly at 109 Seward Street, Juneau, AK 99801

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Call us at 907-723-5268 or on our landline at 907-586-1055 to receive customized photo presentations while we are closed during COVID-19 pandemic. We are observing strict protocols so we can continue to provide FREE home deliveries and FREE shipping for orders of $150 or more.

Shoefly Quotes of the Day

“When I come to Juneau, I save a shoe place in my suitcase just for Shoefly!" –Jody

"These shoes are making love to my feet right now!" –Tanya

"The only shoe I regret is the one I didn't buy!" –Gloria Joy

"If the shoes make me want to dance... I buy 'em!" –Diane

“If buying these was wrong, I don't want to be right." – Sierra

"I need these red boots more than the air I breathe." –Debbie

“You only have two feet, how many shoes do you need?" –Husband
“ She only has two feet, BUT there are 365 days in a year." –Friend

“Practical is overrated, buy the shoes you love!" –Candace

“Those boots even make your butt look great!" –one friend to another

“ The best little shoe shop in the North!" –Margaret


Shoefly Alaska • 109 Seward Street, Juneau, Alaska 99801 • Phone: 907.586.1055